Washing, care and repair for your jeans

Paleo Denim pocket bag made in Texas


Raw denim benefits from regular washing and repair.  There are plenty of half truths online about washing your jeans

  • Weekly washing is unnecessary however I recommend 60 wears as the upper limit before washing.
  • Unwashed jeans will break down prematurely from bacteria and grit degrading the fibers.
  • Wash inside out with a mild detergent by hand or in a top loading washing machine.
  • Hang dry.  Dryers are harsh on yarn fibers, may wear the indigo unevenly and may cause excessive shrinking of the fabric.
  • Wash or rinse new jeans before wear to soften the fibers, reduce fabric tension and eliminate starches/treatments from the fabric mills.
  • Higher water temperatures will cause more shrinking of the fabrics than cold water.  Adjust according to your sizing preferences.

Even washed denim will abrade and need repair for garment longevity.  All repairs are performed on a vintage Singer 47W70 darning machine.  See the product page for denim repair for more details.

Paleo Denim repair service


Paleo Denim Singer 47W70 repair darning sewing machine