About us

I started Paleo Denim as a research project in the fall of 2007.  There was no idea for a brand in the beginning – most of the motivation for learning to make jeans actually came from a desire to learn a skill as well as a deep rooted suspicion of consumer culture.  I tore down some thrift store jeans, studied their construction and emerged from the basement with a wearable pair about one week later.  I wasn’t happy with the first pair and had to try again with better technique.  Having broken the first sewing machine I started researching sturdier machines.  This cycle repeated with the third pair and it still drives the operation today.

From 2007 to 2013 I learned all I could, made jeans whenever possible and spent my spare time digging through machinery in the dusty warehouses of old sewing machine repairmen.

Paleo Denim finally transitioned from a side project to a legitimate workshop full of the best Union Special, Singer and Durkopp Adler sewing machines.  I’m still self taught but now I have the support of mentors and colleagues.  I’m still deeply suspicious of consumer culture.  I still make ever pair of jeans myself.

Every component is built to last with just a little care and repair along the way.  The current line is built from American and Japanese denims, poly cotton thread from North Carolina and hardware from Kentucky.

These jeans won’t change your life, please reconsider purchasing if you don’t need them or you won’t see them through the whole life cycle of the garment.  If you do purchase I believe you’ll like what you receive – please check the webshop for more information and availability.

The details change from lot to lot, the mission of the initial research project still hasn’t.

– Richard