Repairs and Alterations

We offer a range of repairs and alterations to get you back in your favorite jeans or fitted into a new pair. Repairs are performed on a vintage Singer 47W70 darning machine. Alterations are done using the same machines as our new production jeans. Repairs are an easy two step process.

Wash your jeans

We only work on freshly laundered or brand new jeans. Wash up your jeans before you drop them off or mail them in. You can wash by hand as long as you use soap and agitation the to remove oil, grit and bacteria. Soaking doesn't count. Soaking with a drop of soap doesn't count. Putting them in the freezer super doesn't count. Wash your jeans. Click here for more details on caring for your jeans. 

Drop off or mail in

Austin local customers can visit to book a drop offs and pickups.

Mail in customers - ship your jeans to the address below, include a description of the work you'd like done. Confused about what you need? Don't worry about checking out on the webstore, we can invoice you at the time of service

 Austin Denim Repair, c/o Richard Cole
3406 E 5th St,
Austin TX 78702

All repairs will be return shipped USPS unless otherwise requested. We are not responsible for lost packages.


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